Raechelle Banno

Actress. Dancer. Writer. Hopeless Romantic. Movie Buff. Born & Bred in Sydney, Australia

Raechelle Banno

Name: Raechelle Jasmine Banno.
Born: 28 April 1993.
Height: 5 ft 2.
Mother: Joanne Banno.
Elder Sister: Stephanie Banno.
Twin Sister: Karina Banno.
From: Sydney, Australia.
Profession: Actress.
Famous For: Olivia Fraser Richards, Home and Away.
School: Fairfield West Public School and Fairvale High School.
Dancing: Since age 3.
Modelling: Since age 9, including Mini Boden, King Cow
Little Romeo, Barbie and Total Girl Magazine.

Raechelle Banno Acting Career

Pandora, 2019, Altria Nine.
Phenomena, 2017, SF, Emma.
Second Best, 2017, SF, Nouchka Bortsov.
Home and Away, 2015 - 2018, TV, Olivia Fraser Richards.
Karralak (Pilot), 2014, TV, Krissy.
Hero Girl - 'Dating' 'The One' Campaign - Ford Focus, C, 2014.
Exposure, 2013, Young Edie. (written by Raechelle)
Young Girl Play With Fire Depth Fx, SF, 2013
Young Girl Woolworths campaign, C, 2012.
In Your Dreams, 2012, Courtney.
Young Girl Infinite Text campaign Vodafone, C, 2012.
University Student BLT Burger campaign Mcdonalds, C, 2012.
AGL, Speed Bead, Gazzillion Bubbles, C.

(SF = Short film. TV = TV role. C = Commercial.)

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